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Top Factors That Make Investment in Miami Real Estate Your Best Bet | Lotus Miami Real Estate
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Top Factors That Make Investment in Miami Real Estate Your Best Bet

It’s said that real estate investment is risky, but what if we told you the perfect way to make your next big property investment not only risk-free, but also profit maximizing? Sounds great, right? Well, then here’s how it’s spelled: M-I-A-M-I. That’s right; Miami is the hottest real estate investment destination for both local and international buyers. Everybody wants a piece of Miami real estate and why not, considering that in the last six years, Miami has truly solidified its position as one of the best places to live and invest in. And that’s not an overstatement.

Let’s put things in perspective and countdown the top factors/key drivers that make Miami the perfect location for real estate buyers. Here we go:

1.    Excellent Livability Benefits

Did you know that this year Miami moved up to the 6th rank as the world’s most important cities for UHNWIs (Ultra High-Net Worth Individuals)? It’s not surprising though, as Miami offers luxurious living with safety and security, and absolute peace of mind – a combination which is very rare to find.

Over the span of 6 years, the city has evolved dramatically. It can now be distinguished on a variety of livability factors that pull buyers like magnets, such as:

  • Secure environment
  • High-end living
  • Vibrant culture
  • Financial stability
  • Economic prosperity
  • Remarkable weather
  • Stable political climate

2.    The Panama Canal Expansion – Miami’s Winning Edge

Port Miami also referred to as ‘The Gateway of the America’ is closest to the Panama Canal. Once it opens after expansion in 2016, its strategic location will truly redefine and strengthen Miami’s position economically and geographically even more, both locally and globally.

The Port of Miami will then be the only major global logistics hub located south of Virginia with the capability to handle large vessels which means more trade opportunities, particularly with the growing Asian markets.

Analysts say that it has the potential to make an annual economic impact of $34 billion in Miami-Dade County and will create 30,000 new job opportunities, propelling employment rate drastically. And that’s huge! Let’s just say that Miami is all set for a prosperous future with increased market activity and economic stability. And as an investor, you know that economic stability has a great impact on property prices and housing market growth.

3.    Quality Living With a Difference

Popular for its breathtaking beaches and excellent tourist attractions, Miami is now becoming the first home for many international real estate buyers. From a wide range of leisure activities to beautiful beaches, high air quality, good weather, high personal security, exotic cars, good educational systems, political freedom, luxurious homes, growing business activities and everything in between, Miami has transformed into the perfect place to raise families and enjoy life to its fullest.

4.    New Constructions and Rapid Condominium Developments

The city is developing at a fast pace, providing a plethora of real estate investment opportunities to buyers and investors. Development of several new condominium buildings is in process and some have been already been put up for sale.

More Reasons to Invest in Miami

  • It is ranked as the 4th healthiest city in the US
  • Florida is ranked as no. 2 among the best states for business and is home to about 16 Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, with several being in Miami
  • Miami is enhancing its transportation network and landscape of the future
  • So, if you want to enjoy high-end living with your loved ones and maximize profits at the same time, you know where to invest! For more information on Miami or investment assistance, get in touch with us. We have 10 years of Miami real estate industry experience, a growing list of satisfied buyers and excellent negotiation skills. We can help you make an informed investment decision and close the best and high yielding real estate buying deals in Miami with confidence.


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